Pool Renovation
Miami, Florida

Your old pool will look as good as new with a vibrant modern color and sleek new finish.

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    Do you have an older pool that is in need of a “face lift”? Add years to the life of your old pool with us! In some cases, all you might need is a quick freshen up such as tiles, coping or some repair work. But in many cases, our team is asked to put a completely new look and feel to a swimming pool.

     The renovation procedure is a relatively simple procedure and will have minimal disruptions on your day-to-day living. We pump out your pool, measure and order a new tailor-made liner, install the new liner on site and then re-fill the pool. Your old pool will look as good as new with a vibrant modern color and sleek new finish.

     Your pool may have been built many years ago and now it’s time for a fresh new look to bring it up to current standards and design. If you are considering renovating your existing pool area, whether minor or major, contact us today and see how we can help you transform the space into something you can have pride in and enjoy again.



    Our services can be tailored to fit any style or budget. We treat our customers and their properties with the respect they deserve and we believe in building memories, not just swimming pools. We’d be delighted to help your ideal swimming pool into reality with cool water features and quality designs.


    Take a second to stop and think about how much your time is truly worth to you. Building a pool in your own backyard can take weeks, even months, to finish.


    Our purpose is to offer quality work at reasonable rates. No hidden fees. Fixed rate. Price is all inclusive.


    We are passionate about building pools. Our team will eliminate the chance of you messing up your pool by building it for you.

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