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Miami, Florida

W will develop a design fee proposal to draw a plan view and perspective view of the proposed project.

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    You have spent a lot of money doing your pool screen enclosure. You should make sure that its condition is always in good quality. If you find that your pool screens have been damaged, you should contact us right away to have them repaired. Whether it’s a pool cage enclosure or a screened porch or patio, our rescreening services include everything you need to ensure a job well done. We inspect your pool screen first before we perform the repair service.

    ​We check to ensure the enclosure is securely fastened to your concrete slab. We will let you know about all the problems and damages that we will discover during our inspection. We will then work out the most effective plan to make sure that your pool screen is properly repaired. Individually, we will replace each damaged screen panel so your pool screen will look brand new again! 

    Pool screen repair cost will always vary depending on the size of the project and the materials that will be used to replace existing ones. We will give you the freedom to choose the products and materials that we will use but we will recommend high quality products only. We offer affordable rate for our labor and professionalism. We understand it is not cheap to maintain a screen enclosed pool and we don’t want you making excuses like you don’t have money to repair your screens. Being your local screen repair contractor, we make it our responsibility that all houses and establishments that have screen enclosed pool are well taken care of. We are happy when our clients are. If you’re working on a budget but needs to have your pool screen replaced or repaired, talk to us. We could surely work something out.



    Our services can be tailored to fit any style or budget. We treat our customers and their properties with the respect they deserve and we believe in building memories, not just swimming pools. We’d be delighted to help your ideal swimming pool into reality with cool water features and quality designs.


    Take a second to stop and think about how much your time is truly worth to you. Building a pool in your own backyard can take weeks, even months, to finish.


    Our purpose is to offer quality work at reasonable rates. No hidden fees. Fixed rate. Price is all inclusive.


    We are passionate about building pools. Our team will eliminate the chance of you messing up your pool by building it for you.

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